RMS Titanic Sinks!--Monday, 7:00 pm

(March 29, 2016) Oh, it was sad when that great ship went down.”   Monday, April 4, at 7:00 pm, Mandy Altimus Pond will discuss the Titanic from concept to completion, and some of the passengers aboard the great liner when she sunk on her maiden voyage on April 15, 1912.   She will explain the social climate of the early 1900s, why Titanic was so significant, and how its sinking marked the end of the Edwardian Era. Mandy Altimus Pond is the Archivist for the Massillon Museum,and a regular presenter at the library.  This program is of interest to all ages and is presented in the library’s Community Meeting Room.


Spring Booksale Starts Saturday

(March 28,2016)  It's time for the spring book sale.  Get ready to chose from a wide selections of books for all ages and interests for sale at very reasonable prices.   This spring we have a large number of children's books for sale. And there are DVDs, music CDs, and separately priced books of special interest.   The sale starts Saturday, April 2, and runs through Saturday, April 9.  New items are added every day, so plan to stop by throughout the week.  Proceeds are used to purchase new materials for you to check out and enjoy, and to support special programs for all ages. 



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