Kill A Watt @ the Library

Kill A Wat Machine(May 25, 2011) The library has purchased a Kill A Watt EZ portable electric meter that will show you the operating costs of each of your electrical appliances and electronic devices.   It's easy to use and may be checked out for a week at a time.

Library Closed Monday, May 30

(May 24, 2011)  The library will be closed on Monday, May 30, in observance of Memorial Day.  No library materials are due on days that the library is closed.

This Week on the Web

(May 10, 2011) Wondering where all the oil and gas wells are in Ohio?  Curious about where abandoned underground mines might be?  The Ohio Geological Survey can answer those questions and more with several nifty interactive maps.  And speaking of maps, the Census Bureau has a map that displays the change in the center of U.S.

This Week on the Web

(April 25, 2011)  It's Nation Preservation Week, and time to make sure your own mementos, keepsakes, and collectibles, are stored and displayed correctly.  The Northeast Document Conservation Center has many online resources explaining how to care for your family artifacts, including digital formats, as does the Library of Congress.  Civil War Sesquicentennial observances continue at university libraries in the Southeast  organizedtheir digital collectio

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